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From Egypt to Syria, ‘water cancer’ chokes waterways

AL-LANI, Syria and KAFR-EL-SHEIKH, Egypt — On the banks of Syria’s Orontes River, a beautiful flower has become a nightmare. Each spring, it creeps out of the soft mud that [...]

Elusive jaguarundi inspires biologists to share data across Latin America

Few scientists exclusively study the jaguarundi, Latin America’s least studied wildcat. So those that do are reaching out to other researchers, governments, NGOs and even via social media to pool [...]

A tiny desert fish hits a 25 year population high in one of Earth’s harshest environments

In a glimmer of hope for one of the world’s rarest fish, scientists have counted 191 Devils Hole pupfish this spring in their tiny desert habitat. This number marks the [...]

‘Unliveable’: Delhi’s residents struggle to cope in record-breaking heat

Temperatures of more than 45C have left population of 29 million exhausted – but the poorest suffer mostAs the water tanker drove into a crowded Delhi neighbourhood, a ruckus erupted. [...]

Indigenous people and NGO grow a wildlife corridor in the world’s oldest rainforest

Indigenous ranger Jason Petersen remembers how he used to watch the world’s oldest rainforest in wonder as a child. When the rains arrived, they would wash the dust from the [...]

Barnaby Joyce ditched his RM Williams to protest green energy … Wait until he finds out about his new boots | Calla Wahlquist

The Nationals MP is against RM Williams owner Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest’s renewables projects – so why wear Ariats?Sign up for the Rural Network email newsletterJoin the Rural Network group on [...]

An ancestral solution ensures water for Peruvian alpaca farmers, but is it enough?

In Ayacucho province in Peru’s southern Andes, a three-hour drive from the provincial capital, Huamanga, stands the snowcapped mountain of Rit’ipata, popular among tourists. Every January, high summer in the [...]

In Belize, flawed conservation measures threaten small-scale fishers’ livelihoods (commentary)

Uneven governance is wrecking the co-management model that is supposed to be the pride of Belize conservation. I’ve been conducting research on Belize’s biodiversity and fisheries on and off since [...]

Rewilding efforts throw a lifeline to Brazil’s most trafficked endangered bird

As the door of the wire enclosure is unlatched, a small coal-black bird hops forward. For a moment, it perches at the threshold and cocks its head quizzically at its [...]

Renewable Energy Wins for Now in Michigan as Local Control Measure Fails to Make Ballot

A 2023 Michigan law reduces local governments’ authority to block wind and solar projects, but the measure has been in limbo because of the possibility that opponents of development would [...]

Some species may be better able to withstand climate change than was previously thought. That's because these species have changed little since the last warm period on Earth.Read more on [...]

Nepal court rules protected areas and forests off-limits for land distribution

KATHMANDU — Nepal’s Supreme Court has ruled the government can’t give away land within national parks and forest areas to landless people, in a move environmental activists have hailed but [...]

‘The tranquility frees you’: Bogotá, the city that shuts out cars every week

Born out of an anti-car protest in 1974, the Colombian capital closes many roads to cars every Sunday, leaving them free for bikes, skates and pedestriansOnce a week the citizens [...]

California comedown: how illicit cannabis farms have left a wilderness where ‘you’re lucky to see a lizard’

The golden state legalised marijuana production in 2016, but strict curbs have led to a thriving black market. Its hub is in Siskiyou county, where the environmental damage is clear [...]

Campesinos bring life back to a deforestation hotspot in the Colombian Amazon

Liliana Camargo remembers Cartagena del Chairá as rich in nature. In her memory, the area had the greenest mountains, the freshest water and the healthiest biodiversity in the department of [...]

Corporations invested in carbon offsets that were ‘likely junk’, analysis says

Analysis of the carbon offset projects used by top corporations including Delta, Gucci and ExxonMobil raises concerns around their emission cuts claimsSome of the world’s most profitable – and most [...]

Analysis: Michelin’s no-deforestation claims in Indonesia rubber plantation a stretch

In its sustainability policy, Michelin, the world’s largest tire manufacturer, highlights its commitment to “responsible and sustainable management of the rubber industry,” its “zero deforestation” ambitions, and its “commitment to [...]

Expecting worse: Giving birth on a planet in crisis

A new series explores how climate change transforms our reproductive lives, from menstruation to fertility to pregnancy. [...]

Four lost pregnancies. Five weeks of IVF injections. One storm.

A couple spent years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to have a baby. Then Hurricane Ian hit. [...]

Pregnant in a warming climate: A lethal ‘double risk’ for malaria

Mosquitoes are moving into the mountains of Papua New Guinea and other highland areas. That could be a death sentence for pregnant people. [...]

Salt in the womb: How rising seas erode reproductive health

Women in Bangladesh are confronting the dangerous health effects of consuming salty water. They won't be the last. [...]

‘How did we miss this for so long?’: The link between extreme heat and preterm birth

Heat waves are making pregnancy more dangerous and exacerbating existing maternal health disparities. [...]

‘It was like the wild west’: meet the First Nations guardians protecting Canada’s pristine shores

From crab monitoring and bear patrols to rescue operations, the watchmen are the official eyes and ears of indigenous communitiesIt’s Delaney Mack’s first time pulling crab traps and she is [...]

The ugly truth behind ChatGPT: AI is guzzling resources at planet-eating rates | Mariana Mazzucato

Big tech is playing its part in reaching net zero targets, but its vast new datacentres are run at huge cost to the environmentMariana Mazzucato is professor of economics at [...]

Country diary: The perfect day to be in a rainforest | Andrea Meanwell

Borrowdale, Lake District: We’re here to mark the declaration of this rare temperate rainforest as a nature reserve – in appropriately soggy conditionsIt is a very wet day in Borrowdale [...]

Small-scale fishers lose out to trawlers in race to catch Cambodia’s last fish

KOH KONG, Cambodia — At around 10:45 p.m. on a Friday in March, the order came to turn out the lights about 3 kilometers, or a mile and a half, [...]

Floods set to worsen on Sumatra peat as landscape gives way

PEKANBARU, Indonesia — Traffic stopped gradually, then suddenly, as the new year approached around an hour’s drive out of the city of Pekanbaru here on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. [...]

Measuring the forces that shape early human embryos

Nature, Published online: 30 May 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-01556-wContractile forces at the surface of cells of early human embryos bring the cells together. When these forces are absent, the embryo will not [...]

Mexico’s next president is likely to be this scientist — but researchers are split in their support

Nature, Published online: 30 May 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-01583-7Some are hopeful, but others worry that Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo will follow in her controversial predecessor’s footsteps rather than stand up for science. [...]

How I overcame my stage fright in the lab

Nature, Published online: 30 May 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-01616-1Kwabena Boahen Asare was determined to conquer his fear of public speaking after landing a research placement that required him to give weekly presentations. [...]