Our Mission

*** Your membership dollars allow us to continue to give back to the community
and preserve and protect the Demarest Nature Center’s 55 acres of meadows, forests and wetlands. ***

Mission of the Demarest Nature Center

According to the 1972 articles of Incorporation, the purposes of the organization are:

  • To acquire or lease undeveloped lands and establish thereon educational building(s).
  • To develop natural history and conservation education programs in cooperation with schools, colleges, hospitals, youth groups and other organizations which will develop an understanding and appreciation of our natural resources.
  • To cooperate with national, state, county, municipal and private natural resource agencies in providing an outdoor laboratory in which to demonstrate natural resource problems and management techniques.
  • To provide opportunities to individuals and families in the pursuit of hobbies or more serious interests in our natural resources.
  • To provide trails and facilities so that individuals and family groups may visit the center for the recreation and enjoyment of being in the outdoors.

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